Your Ad Stream

Your Digital Footprint is created from all your activity on your digital devices. How this information is aggregated and used by companies to connect you with Brand Advertisers is a long and elaborate business story. (You can find out more details here).

At ThatClip we are focused on providing you a high level glimpse as to how your Digital Footprint drives the top Brand Advertisements you see.

We call this Your Ad Stream.

By default, Your Ad Stream shows you your Top 10 Brand Advertisers as determined by you Personalized Online Profile (or POP) which is driven by your Digital Footprint associated with your activity on Websites and APPs as well as other breadcrumbs you leave along the way.

While ThatClip, by default, provides Your Ad Stream in this Cross-Platform View, you can choose a Single Platform View. This will display Your Ad Stream from what one Platform (e.g. just Google or just Facebook) knows about you.

Here is Your Ad Stream: